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Friday, March 19th, 2004
10:48 am
Those crazy Japs!
Check out the message boards on Sami's site, under Japanese confusion. It's got vids of them doing some crazy shit, a 55 sec MC1 and stuff with boosts everywhere! I reckon they cheat somehow (seems to have been done on emulators), but it's funny anyway!
I got a 15"66 lap on DP3 the other day too, WR is 15"60 so definitely possible! Other than that haven't been playing that much really.
Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
1:25 pm
Koopa Beach 2, laptime 11"66 (God -21).

Rich I'll show you the strat on Friday if you come down!
Also up to 8th in the world now, and should make it to 7th this week. Go me!

Current Mood: triumphant
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
11:30 am
20/40 GOD times now, thanks to an 18"33 on MC3.
Rich, have you seen Duarte-Leite Frederic's profile? He's just a few places behind you overall, and his MC3 laptime is quicker than Sami's!!!
Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
12:59 pm
Made it to god standard over the weekend, some hardcore vanilla lake one times (56"25 and 10"33 lap) and a 55"50 on koopa beach one helped loads, and beat most of my donut plains times too. Should start catching the Frenchies soon!

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, November 6th, 2003
10:15 am
Top 10
Finally caught Raphael Braun and made it to 10th equal in the world with a 57"31 / 10"58 on KB1 (total SR of -26), and a God laptime on CI2 boosting through the gap on the first corner. (inspired by this vid: http://membres.lycos.fr/scoubsmk/CI2_WR_scoub_13-35.bmp ) And I probably won't even get a PoW as Pierre overtook Michael this week too!!
As much as I hate THE FISH I am beginning to enjoy the old koopa beach now I'm getting the knack of sliding, must have done about 12 hours play time on it in the last month or so!! It's one of those annoying ones where no matter how much you play you know you can beat it by loads so you have to just keep trying forever. There's definitely a 55"50 / 10"45 in me somewhere.. getting closer!

Current Mood: determined
Friday, October 31st, 2003
12:38 pm
Annual list of times
Might be curious in another six months to see how good I was back in 2003, so here's the current list of times as of today.

MC1 1'01"45 Legend B 3 0'11"96 GOD 5
DP1 1'17"41 Legend D 10 0'15"18 GOD 11
GV1 1'06"38 King A 12 0'12"43 Legend C 7
BC1 1'30"40 Legend D 9 0'17"87 Legend D 11
MC2 1'18"30 King B 13 0'15"14 GOD 6
CI1 1'01"98 King A 14 0'11"98 Legend F 12
GV2 1'02"98 GOD 9 0'12"41 GOD 11
DP2 1'29"92 Legend D 13 0'17"61 GOD 12
BC2 1'46"78 Legend F 17 0'20"89 Legend C 13
MC3 1'33"45 Legend D 10 0'18"46 Legend C 10
KB1 0'58"54 GOD 9 0'10"82 GOD 11
CI2 1'13"76 Legend D 12 0'14"42 Legend C 14
VL1 0'58"34 GOD 14 0'10"69 GOD 11
BC3 1'36"37 King B 23 0'18"42 Legend B 17
MC4 1'41"49 Legend E 10 0'19"92 Legend B 8
DP3 1'22"40 Legend E 12 0'16"12 Legend D 10
KB2 1'05"01 Legend A 14 0'12"50 GOD 15
GV3 1'17"41 Legend E 14 0'15"06 GOD 5
VL2 0'55"89 Legend D 12 0'10"51 GOD 12
RR 1'28"43 Legend D 9 0'17"53 Legend D 9
Thursday, August 28th, 2003
5:23 pm
150cc GP world records site.

Looks like a laugh, we need to get together and have a proper session over a few days, see what we manage! The guys on there already are a bit good though!
Thursday, August 21st, 2003
11:17 am

Julien Holmiere's proof page - basically I was looking for a video of the KB1 island route as I haven't improved the course for nearly a year now! Managed an 11'50 first lap having seen how it's done, hopefully that'll improve again soon! Also worth a look for good trick routes on the choco islands and stuff though, pretty much all the videos on there are amazing!
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
10:29 am
I have finally defeated Bowser Castle 3!! Well kind of anyway, I crashed twice and it's still my worst course but 1.36.38 is a huge improvement on 1.39.06!
Also did some good MC4 last night, did that speed boosty route on all 5 laps and ended up with 1.41.49 (9th in the world) with a lap of 19.92 (8th in the world). So cheers for showing me that one Rich!

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
11:38 pm
Well, out of my times two course times really stood out as sucking. MC2, King G, 25th in the world, and BC3, King G 30th in the world. Note every other course and lap is top 20. So did some hardcore practice, and got my BC3 laptime down to 18.42 (Leg B) despite hitting a jump! (1st lap of course). Then had a few goes at MC2 and got my laptime down to 15.14 (GOD, 6th in the world) with a couple of new speed boosts. Maybe I should work on my consistency!!
I wonder how many other people have a course that they're King G / GOD on??
Also means I'm Leg D overall, which rocks.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, June 29th, 2003
4:58 pm
Was just browsing a few links and stuff and came across this:
Difficulty normal???? CUNTS!
I might join some snes communities and see if I can get a few more people to join, would be nice to have some apprentices to train up *g* Something to look up next time I'm bored at work.
oh ps the BC1 practice paid off big style, got a 1.30.54 with joint lap records (3rd/4th laps) of 17.89. Course and lap 11th in the world, which surprised me as I remembered the 1st two laps being shitty, hence taking a few risks on the third and fourth, so I watched the replay and realised I'd crashed on both of them!!! Had one more go and got a 1.30.40 (WR 9th) straight off, with another 17.89 lap!! Pretty sweet for a course I don't like and never play!

Current Mood: cheerful
3:18 pm
Hey remember that one-off Luigi lap I did on DP2? Well I just did it with DKJr. 17.65. GOD.
Also been working on timing jumps as it seems to be my main weakness, hit new laptimes on BC1&2 and stuff. All going well. Still can't do BC3 though.
So when are you overtaking Dan?

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
2:31 am
Found my cartridge.
Got erm...

an 11.36 on VL1
a 1.42.68/20.32 on MC4, (16th in the world for course time(!))
a 1.24.27 on DP3 (first try!)
a 1.06.14/12.64 on KB2 (bout fucking time)
a 1.19.52/15.66 on GV3 (not great, but an improvement, nonetheless)
and a 1.01.57 on VL2, which *almost* pulls me out of the elites.

not bad for 2 hours work, I suppose :)

Puts my SR at about 8.6, 0.2-ish behind Dan "GOING DOWN" Hooper.
Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
10:30 am
Another GOD time
These are getting easy now! DP1 this time, got down to 1.17.49 (Leg E, 10th in the world) using three last corner boosts, including a Leg B 15.22 3rd lap, and a 15.40 1st lap! Then had a quick go last night and got a 15.18 lap for the God time.
Going to go for CI1 next, discovered that if you do a speed boost round the first corner hitting the jumps keeps it going for ages and you can cut the next corner without skidding out, seems to save a lot of time. Might try to get one on the last corner so I can plunge straight through the puddle too. Hopefully be enough to get rid of that last King laptime anyway.
Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
10:20 am
Finally, a God standard course time!
Well, I was only .03 seconds off before, had a good go at VL1 last night. Played a bit and sucked, had a small spliff, played a bit more, still sucked, watched simpsons and rolled a bigger spliff. Smoked that, played some more, and was AMAZING.
Got a couple of god course times, the best being 58.34, also got about 10 laps under 11 secs, the best being a 10.85. Overall SR for the course: -14. Not bad considering it was only -2 last week!

Current Mood: chuffed
Thursday, April 10th, 2003
7:44 pm
Luigi one-offs
Thought I'd post the full list of times as they are funny.


Track Time Standard SR Lap Time Standard SR
MC1 1'07"81 Expert A 43 0'12"64 Master C 24
DP1 1'30"72 Semi-Pro E 40 0'16"20 Master A 22
GV1 1'09"98 Master D 25 0'13"89 Master D 25
BC1 1'47"40 Semi-Pro A 36 0'18"74 Elite A 15
MC2 1'37"23 Advanced D 53 0'15"92 Elite D 18
CI1 1'10"90 Expert B 44 0'12"75 Elite F 20
GV2 1'22"17 Interm B 58 0'13"59 Master E 26
DP2 1'37"43 Elite C 17 0'18"25 King B 9
BC2 2'02"96 Master E 26 0'22"10 King G 14
MC3 1'36"75 King E 12 0'19"12 King E 12
KB1 1'09"53 Expert E 47 0'13"17 Semi-Pro F 41
CI2 1'19"97 Master A 22 0'15"36 Elite D 18
VL1 1'04"51 Elite A 15 0'12"04 King D 11
BC3 1'45"39 Master C 24 0'20"17 Elite G 21
MC4 2'03"47 Pro G 35 0'22"53 Master D 25
DP3 1'28"65 Elite A 15 0'16"93 King F 13
KB2 1'14"00 Pro C 31 0'14"01 Elite G 21
GV3 2'02"54 Apprentice E 68 0'16"18 King G 14
VL2 1'17"23 Expert F 48 0'13"97 Expert A 43
RR 1'34"24 King E 12 0'18"56 King F 13

SR Score: 26.9 Master F average course SR: 33.55 average lap SR: 20.25


Track Time Standard SR Lap Time Standard SR
MC1 1'10"30 Advanced C 52 0'12"71 Master E 26
DP1 1'27"99 Pro G 35 0'16"69 Master G 28
GV1 1'34"72 SMK Fan 85 0'14"28 Pro G 35
BC1 2'01"96 Interm F 62 0'22"58 Adv G 56
MC2 1'24"85 Master G 28 0'16"52 Master E 26
CI1 1'21"80 Appr D 67 0'14"28 Expert E 47
GV2 1'20"81 Adv F 55 0'13"65 Master F 27
DP2 1'45"70 Pro C 31 0'19"62 Master B 23
BC2 2'18"92 Expert D 46 0'23"21 Master B 23
MC3 1'45"41 Pro B 30 0'19"18 King F 13
KB1 1'17"78 Beginner G 77 0'13"79 Adv C 52
CI2 1'33"51 Adv D 53 0'16"75 Semi-Pro C 38
VL1 1'07"30 Elite G 21 0'11"98 King C 10
BC3 1'58"56 Expert C 45 0'21"16 Pro B 30
MC4 1'53"41 Elite G 21 0'21"17 King G 14
DP3 1'33"37 Master A 22 0'17"41 Elite C 17
KB2 1'21"51 Expert G 49 0'14"52 Pro B 30
GV3 1'51"79 Adv F 55 0'18"34 Pro D 32
VL2 1'31"52 Beginner A 71 0'14"09 Expert B 44
RR 1'40"11 Elite E 19 0'18"45 King F 13

SR Score: 37.7 Semi-Pro C average course SR: 46.2 average lap SR: 29.2

Current Mood: nostalgic
Friday, March 7th, 2003
12:11 am
Mario Circuit One
Well, spent some time trying the second boost tonight, took a while to get going then went through a period where I was getting it really well, highlights being a course of 2 boost laps: 12.55, 12.20, two normal laps: 12.40, 12.36, and a crash (bloody annoying still can't beat my course time yet!) and a laptime where I got both boosts to work and hit a 12.08 (5th in the world no less!). Then lost the knack and got annoyed trying to rememeber how I'd done it and failing totally! Ah well another day.

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, March 3rd, 2003
7:03 pm
I just got a God time on MC1.

*pauses to acknowledge applause*

I like gaining 8 SR points and 21 world ranks by taking 0.11 seconds off a time with a pikey speed boost!

Current Mood: triumphant
Saturday, February 15th, 2003
12:42 am
OK so I was meant to just be playing GV1. After getting bored of going for the jump lots and failing I thought I'd try to meet Mr Russell Cunt's non-jump record for a bit, and came pretty close! Best effort : 13.73, 13.39, 13.43, 13.39, crash. Well beat his laptime twice in one race anyway!!
After deciding I'm getting the knack for those kinda corners, I remembered that Rainbow Road has a similar feel and had a few goes at that. Quickly beat my 17.81 laptime by getting a 17:75 2nd lap and then 17:70 3rd lap, then crashing on the last lap!!! So up to Leg F on the laptime. Obviously retaining a Leg G course time simply wouldn't do, after hitting a new record of 1'29'88 for the ghost I did a "there's no fucking way that ghost's catching me on this corner! for every corner" run of 1'29'60! Can't see myself beating that in a hurry, had a 17'73 lap thrown in for good measure too! Well chuffed, after a few weeks away I'd forgotten how damn good this game is!!!
GV1 wise I'm getting the speed boost pretty easily now, but the timing on the actual jump is letting me down loads. The funny thing is the way I'm driving nowadays I could probably have got down to the low 1.06s with a single straight jump. I have faith that I'll hit 5/5 eventually though!
Rich you have to start playing again.

That is all.

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
9:11 pm
Made 3/5 jumps on GV1, last lap was crap though, shit-scared of crashing!! Down to 1.06.38, which is pretty ninja overall. Not sure I'll make 5/5 anytime soon though, doesn't seem to be getting much easier!

Current Mood: accomplished
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